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Summit Roofing Services provides industry leading commercial repair service. The company’s repair and maintenance crews are trained and experienced in maintaining and servicing even the most challenging roofing systems while recognizing the importance of uninterrupted operations and minimizing budget impact.

Emergency Repair Service • 866-825-3042

Available 24/7. Summit Roofing Services repair personnel are trained in finding and eliminating roof leaks, implementing repair procedures compatible with the existing roof. Use of incompatible materials can sometimes do more harm than good and improper repairs can often void existing roof warranties. Summit Roofing is not just a fair weather friend, but one that is there whenever and wherever you need them.

Corrective Maintenance

More often than not, an area of repeated roof leaks does not mean that you need a new roof. Many times, a problem with a roof system originates with an improper design or installation. Inspection by roofing professionals and implementation of corrective repairs is more cost effective than continually re-roofing and repeating the same design or application error.

Preventive Maintenance

As roofs age, they become dry and brittle as the result of a process known as photo-oxidation. This process can be greatly reduced with the selection and proper application of proven preventive roof maintenance systems, thereby extending the system’s service life. With the costs of re-roofing going up dramatically, the increased pressures to reduce landfill waste, and the need to conserve non-renewable resources, the importance of protecting and extending the useful life of existing roofs just makes good sense. Many of these systems meet Title 24 Cool Roof requirements.

Roof Analysis/Budgeting

Based on over 30 years of experience, Summit Roofing Services will assist clients in analyzing their current roof system and service life expectations to determine a cost effective approach to system maintenance or system replacement.